Altro Whiterock PVC Wall Cladding


Altro Whiterock - White PVC, is a timeless alternative to ceramic tiles for areas where hygiene and durability are paramount – like commercial kitchens, clinical areas, clean rooms and laundries.


Available in a range of solid, satin-finish shades – from subtle pastels through to vivid brights.


Altro Whiterock Satins can be used where aesthetics are important and you want to create a particular mood. It’s ideal forbathrooms, operating theatres, wards and splashbacks.


When you want to make a bold statement, choose Altro Whiterock Chameleon – the glossy, vibrant wall cladding that adds a touch of luxury to ‘high-end’ bathrooms, foyers, serveries, retail and splashbacks.


Create the right impression with your chosen photographic image or art reproduced onto wall cladding. From company logos to calming landscapes, Altro Whiterock Digiclad is a great choice for feature walls in foyers, wards, patient rooms, operating theatres, recovery rooms and coffee shops.